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The yacht crane

Pubdate: December 7th 2020    Preview: 156

Public praise:  "This crane is excellent. It can It operates under arctic conditions and is manufactured in accordance with strict DNVGL standards to ensure the safety of the crew when performing the lift at sea."

It spent about a year in manufacturing, counting design and procurement of main parts, and was designed to support the Coast Guard's assisted navigation operations. As part of important maritime infrastructure, navigation equipment such as buoys is maintained by the Coast Guard to assist sailors in finding locations and warning nearby hazards and obstacles.


The construction of equipment like it will support the Coast Guard’s work for decades to come. NSS enables companies like us to develop new features to improve our position in the global marine equipment market while providing long-term high Skills work.


It has three hoists, weighs 95,000 kg, and can reach 20 meters. It is equipped with a wireless control device and has a load moment indicator system that monitors all functions of the crane and provides continuous readings for the operator. If approaching a dangerous situation, LMI aims to warn the operator by sounding an audible alarm and lighting a warning lamp. The crane can lift navigation buoys and other objects up to 28 tons in sea state four.


Our manufactures advanced marine winches, cranes and handling systems that can be tailored to customer requirements. Its purpose is to make the world’s ships lighter, stronger, and smarter in pursuit of a sustainable ocean economy.